in the Fortified Ideal City Josefov

Supported by the EU and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic through the National Recovery Plan.

We save waste from its disposal and use it for creative and environmental education of children and adults.


We extend the life of waste products.


Project overview 

The project aims to establish a European Circular Cultural and Educational Center in the Fortified Ideal City Josefov (ECCEC Josefov). The circular crafting center will use cultural and creative practices to promote the innovative use of waste and initiate further sustainable projects.

With regard to the high goals, we signed a memorandum on future cooperation with the Broumov Foundation, which is striving for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2028.

The RECYUPCY project is also running for the NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS Prizes 2023.

Creative Education Pilot Action

We are launching a pilot program in the Josefov fortress on using waste from households and companies to teach pupils and adults creatively. This project is the foundation stone for the future ECCEC Josefov center.

The project is implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

We are building workshops and facilities for creative learning in premises rented from the city of Jaroměř. In the workshops, children can try out basic craft techniques and make, for example, paper, a musical instrument, clothes, a bicycle, etc. As part of the educational part, we are preparing a series of lectures with INCIEN and other creators professionally involved in the circularity of materials.

The circular education center should mainly serve local educational institutions for regular education. Sustainability is ensured by waste, which is abundant everywhere. In this way, we will use its potential to the maximum, and hopefully, we will be able to find another meaningful use for it.

Apart from education, we also collect and store materials for further use. We founded the first Material bank in the Czech Republic. In the bank, we combine groups of waste products.

For general material collection, we upcycled discarded metal containers for mixed waste and replaced them in our partner waste yards and public places. We are preparing a media campaign for this innovative waste collection system.

Creative learning conference in Hradec Králové region

In January 2023, we had the opportunity to present our project at the conference in the city library of Hradec Králové.

You can find more about the conference and other programs here.

The project presentation can be downloaded in PDF here:

The importance of waste materials for art education

The material possibilities of waste items can greatly enrich educational actions. The consequence of these steps is not only the diversification of teaching but also the needed change of approach to the materials surrounding us. The practical promotion of the attitude that there are no limits to creativity and that everything around us has its value (or can regain it with a little effort) goes far beyond the boundaries of upcycling and art education. Increasing material diversity in teaching is not just a benefit for environmental education.

Using new materials in our lectures expands knowledge of our students and supports their creativity.

Creativity is still neglected in today's society.  Practical work with various materials increases our skills, which we can subsequently apply in practical life. Each material is different, especially if some non-traditional substances are used. Diverse materials require different approaches not only from the students but from everyone who works with them, including the teachers.

Material bank 

We have established the Material bank in Bastion IV for creative learning needs. The bank is stepping in between tho actors - the waste producers (people) and the waste collectors (yards). In the bank, we store usable waste materials that would otherwise be dismantled, buried, or burnt in landfills and incinerators. 

The captured materials are used to help educators and students in developing creative and manual skills. The material bank saves schools the cost of purchasing expensive art supplies.

Meet our venues!

Our activities take place at the beautiful premises of Bastion IV in the Fortified Ideal City Josefov.